Wills and Executries

With no exception, it is vital for everyone to have a Will. A Will gives security for your family and gives you peace of mind that your affairs are in order and that your wishes will be carried out. We can tailor your Will to your own individual needs and circumstances.

Having a will prepared is not expensive, but without the benfit of a valid will it can take much longer and be far more costly to wind up an estate.

We are happy to provide a will questionnaire, which you can complete and return to us to enable us to provide you with advice and a draft will for approval. The situation can be complicated if, for example, you are not married to your cohabitee or have children from a previous relationship. In such instances it would be preferable to come in to discuss matters in detail.

Coping with bereavement can be a difficult and traumatic time. We are experienced in dealing with such matters in a sensitive and professional manner. Difficulties can be encountered when trying to wind up an estate and we are able to offer invaluable advice and assistance.

We can assist in obtaining Confirmation, which involves valuing and ingathering the estate, settling any debts and finally distributing the estate in accordance with the terms of any will or, if there is no will, in accordance with the rules of intestate succession.