Child Law


Where a couple separate it is preferable for parents to agree on the arrangements for their children but this may be impossible for many reasons. The most important factor is the best interests of the children. Where agreement cannot be reached we can assist in trying to negotiate suitable arrangements and where this is not possible we can raise proceedings for you and provide representation in court. We can help a parent, grandparent or child in these situations.


Children may be placed for adoption by an adoption agency or a step parent may wish to adopt a stepchild. Both scenarios require an application to the court and we can assist in providing advice and handling the court action. We can also assist parents who wish to oppose adoption petitions.


Where children have been in care for a lengthy period of time the local authority may apply for a permanence order to ensure the child stays in care long term. Parents have the right to oppose such applications and we can provide advice and representation in these cases.

Children’s Hearings

Children who are believed to be at risk may be referred to a Children’s Hearing by the Reporter. Children’s Hearings have the power to make orders removing children from their parents’ care and placing them in foster or residential care. The Hearing can also set out times for parents to have contact with children who are in care. We can provide advice and representation at Children’s Hearings and associated court proceedings.

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